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"It may seem that black magic (spells that summon dark forces to achieve extraordinary powers) is from another era. 

But this is still practiced in various settings, both to twist the fate of people or events or to protect against negative energies. And, apparently, heads of state have trusted her to achieve goals."

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Wicca and White Magic

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Wicca is the main Neo Pagan nature religion, popularized in 1954 by Gerald Gardner, who then called it "witchcraft”, or "witch cult" and its supporters called Wiccans. Wicca is a more or less organized form of witchcraft, but this does not mean that these terms are synonymous. Modern Wicca is but a natural religion especially an ecological and feminist-inspired philosophy.

The followers of Wicca were inspired by pre-Christian sources, European folklore and mythology. They consider themselves as priests and priestesses of a pre-Christian shamanic nature religion that a goddess that is related to the Mother Goddess in her three aspects of Virgin, Mother and Witch. Venerates In many traditions of Wicca also honored a Horned God derived from the god of animals, hunting, death and the forests of the ancients. Many Wiccans also see themselves as the modern heirs of ancient traditions from Egypt, Crete and Eleusis. 

Wicca is also called the Old Religion, but without the Old Religion. It is highly doubtful that there have been a specific "Old Religion." Wicca thus presents itself as a continuation of the Ancient Traditions, but is itself almost entirely 20th century. What Wicca has in common with the other neopagan movement is rebelling against rationalism and the dominance of science, and a choice of a more spiritual, natural lifestyle. Records Wicca stands against materialism, technological excesses and alienation science seems to work in hand. Characteristically, therefore, that as counterculture especially has been very successful in highly industrialized countries such as Great Britain and the United States. The emphasis on close ties with nature is also reflected in the importance of the seasons (the 8th year celebrations) and lunar tides. Wicca has several movements, including the Gardnerian and Alexandrian Wicca.

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