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"Called black magic to science applied to evil, for this purpose means not yet covered by traditional Western science are used. 

The purpose of black magic is that a change according to the will of the performer occurs to produce physical or non-physical damage to others. "

- KUYB Team

What is Black Magick?

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In the public mind, there is no one form of magic, but two: The white magic and black magic. There instead of taking the black magic, magic as a whole, with the utmost seriousness. More and more adepts are introduced to black magic without control, we can hear in the media more and more facts relating to the practice of black magic.

Definition of Black Magick

Black magic turns out to be the most dangerous magic of all, it is a ceremonial magic, with invocation of spirits and demons, as opposed to white magic, which is a natural magic, with invocation of the forces of nature. 

This form of magic is intended to harm the person you are working on to: it affects the body and the life of others, its property, its cultures, its animals and its social reputation. 

Spells of this magic are often called witchcraft.

The Origins of Black Magick.

Black magic existed since the dawn of time, we were able to find traces of black magic at the time of prehistory where we could find sticks with inscriptions that showed the power of witches. 

It is mainly from the Middle Ages the Christian church, fearing competition in the realm of the supernatural, magic relegated in arcannes evil, confusing in its condemnation of white magic and black magic. The mage, or priest, then passes the status of shaman than rocket science. He is forced to work underground. 

Excluded from the Christian community, the witch is then an underdog. Then moves away from the city to be viewed in secret. Today, wizards (or witches) are honest people who work for the good of the people following the teachings of an ancient tradition.

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