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"It may seem that black magic (spells that summon dark forces to achieve extraordinary powers) is from another era. 

But this is still practiced in various settings, both to twist the fate of people or events or to protect against negative energies. And, apparently, heads of state have trusted her to achieve goals."

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Voodoo Dolls and common practices

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Contrary to common belief, ther is no doll that, it alone, can be called a Voodoo doll. The image-majer of other cultures finds his counterpart in the Voundoun practitioner who fashions a doll-shaped wanga. The ‘wanga’ is a magic charm made for malignant purposes. However, the years have brought about a change in the use of Voodoo dolls. At one time, a doll was fashioned primarily for the purpose of seeking revenge or death. 

Today, especially in the United States and some parts of the Caribbean and Brazil, Voodoo dolls are made in the pursuit of love, luck, and money, as well as for the ancient purpose. The main difference between a Voodoo Doll and the wax, wood, and other images connected with medieval Black Magic is the method orf preparation and rituals. It does not matter if the doll is made by its user or is purchased ready-made. Preparation and purpose are the deciding factors.

Black Voodoo Doll…

PREPARATION: The following  is the preparation and a ritual for revenge, etc. Some small piece of the subject’s clothing should be attached to the doll. Within the doll should be claced something from the person such as nail cuttings, hair, etc. To this should be added a drop of blood, animal, or human. This is done by opening a seam of the doll and then sewing it tight again after placing the items within. The doll should have eyes, mouth, and a cross signifying the hearte, painted or sewed on it. On its back is marked a Voodoo vever (sign) as shown at left above. 

At midnight, the prepared Doll is laid on a black cloth or paper between two black candles. At the feet of the Doll is placed something made of iron (such as a nail) and at its head a stone is placed. The candles should be anointed in Voodoo fashion with Crossing or Jinx oil and lit. Proper way to anoint is to rub the oil from the center of the candle towards the top and from the center to the bottom. It is never done in one direction only. After lighting the candles, say:

“Be you gone and may you, (name is spoken), rot in the grave.

Damballah, curse him as I curse him and spoil him as I spoil him. By the fire at night, by the dead black hen, by the bloody throat, by the goat, by the rum on the ground, this ouanga be upon him. May he have no peace in bed, nor at his food, nor can he go and hide. Waste him and wear him and tear him and rot him as these rot.”

Now is chanted three times:

Eh! Eh! Bomba, Hen! Hen!

Canga Cafio Te

Canga Mouna Dele

Canga Dahi La

Canga Li

(The origin and meaning of the chant is unknown but it has been used with Voodoo rituals for centuries. Evidently it is a chant for success and is used with almost any ritual.)

Following the above chant, various acts would be performed such as sticking pins into the doll, burning, tyeing a thread or small rope about the neck, putting it in a coffin-like box whicj is buried in the ground, etc. To make the spell even more effective, sometimes two dolls are used. One is treated as above, and when possible, the other is hidden in the victim’s dwelling.

Personification of a voodoo doll

There could be times when it would be difficult to obtain anything of a personal nature belonging to the subject. In such event another ritual could be utilized. Before performing the midnight Voodoo Doll ceremony it was absolutely necessary that the doll be made to represent the subject. It could be done as follows:

The Doll was laid on something black and a preparatory ritual begun after lighting two black candles. The practitioner invokes thre Voodoo loa, or gods; Legba, Agwe, and Ghede. On hand should be a small amount of black dirt, water, and matches.

A- Sprinkle some dirt on the Doll and say, “Legba, Legba, Conga Bafo Te”.
B- Sprinkle some drops of water on the Doll and say, “Agwe, Agwe, Conga Noune De Le”.
C- Wave a lighted match over the Doll and say, “Aia bambaia bomba, Ghede, Ghede, Conga Do Ki La, your name and your life and your suffering shal be that of………………………..”. Here was spoken the subject’s name and it was believed the Doll was fully personified.

Other uses for a voodoo doll

Red Voodoo Doll: Used in love rituals. The name of the person desired is written on a piece of parchment paper and attached to the doll with a new pin piercing the heart. Before using the pin its head should be painted red. The doll is to be placed on a piece of red cloth and anointed with Come To Me oil or other love oil. Place a red candle at each side of the doll. Candles are anointed with the love oil. Light the candles and pray that your desire will be granted. Allow the candles to burn to the socket. The following day hide the Doll in a safe place. Repeat the ritual until satisfied, but not more than once a week.

Green voodoo doll: Used in money rituals. A small silver coin is sewn inside the doll. Anoint two green candles with Money Drawing oil and sprinkle oil on the doll. See the doll between the candles, say a prayer for receiving adequate finances, and light the candles.

White Voodoo Doll: Used in health rituals. Attach name of person to be helped plus some of their hair. Anoint two red Radiant Health candles with Healing oil and sprinkle the oil on the Doll. Light the candles, one on each side of the Doll, and say a prayer asking for good health.

Yellow Voodoo doll: Used to gain friendship, draw people, make one magnetic and charming, beloved, popular. Anoint two purple Conquering Glory candles with Crown Of Success oil and sprinkle the oils on the doll which should bear a name tag made of parchment paper pinne to it. Place the Doll between the candles which are burned to the socket. Keep Doll in a safe place under lock and key. Wrap it in yellow satin before biding it away. Repeat ritual as felt necessary.

Pink Voodoo Doll: For protection rituals against any form of evil. Place name tag on Doll. Anoint two brown Drive Away candles with Uncrossing oil and sprinkle the oil on the Doll. Anoint two purple Satan Be Gone candles with Jinx Removing oil and sprinkle some on the Doll. Place the four candles to form a square and lay the Doll in the center. Light the four candles and walk around them four times. As the candles are circled, whisper the Voodoo success chant to shown at the beginning of this article. The Doll is left in the squeare through the night. The next morning, wrap the Doll in pink cloth and put in drawer or cabinet near a window. Take it out only if the ritual is to be repeated.

In all Voodoo Doll Rituals the candles should burn to the socket. Each candle should have its own  candleholder.

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