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"Voodoo versus acupuncture.

Priest hurt sticking pins in a doll, and acupuncturist offset nailing the recipient of the damage."

- KUYB Team

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Voodoo charms bag and Protection

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A charm bag is one of the most valued possessions a Voodoist can have.  The following charm bags are examples that are considered to be of great strength. They can be made by any one who can obtain the materials.

A) Burn a small amount of Sweet Basil to ashes. To the ashes add an equal amount of Graveyard Dust (mullein or patchouli) and mix well. To the mixture add enough Black Cat oil to make a thick paste. Put the paste into the hollow end of an animal horn or a replica of it. Fill the cavity with wax to seal it. Put a drop of Black Cat oil on each corner of a parchment Spirit seal, and one drop in its center. Rub the Black Cat oil on a miniature metal hand. Put the horn end, the seal, and the hand in a leather bag. This bag has an ancient history that says it conveys great powers to its owner.

B) A charm bag that contains a number of talismans and amulets, any of which could be carried alone, but together are considered to be of tremendous power.

A Sea Horse amulet… brings protection from the loa Agwe, plus peace and strength for life’s problems.

A Caprelata… a charm scroll that is a protective charm against all evil as well as a bringer of good fortune. A caprelata is also known as a ‘garde’ and an example is shown on page .

A Sun stone amulet… brings the favor of Legba, God of the Crossroads. Brings protection from evil and answers to prayers since all prayers must be channeled through him.

A Jalap root (High John the Conqueror root)… brings luck in love, gambling, health, and money affairs.

Tonka Bean Arret… Powerful love charm. This charm is a pierced Tonka Bean attached to a metal cross.

Seven Jobs Tears… these pearly gray seeds that look like teardrops are thought to have the power to answer prayers.

A Damballah talisman… to gain the benevolence and help of the supreme loa of Voodooism.

C) A Charm bag to protect against hexes, crossings, curses, demons, and all other forms of evil.  With Dove Blood red ink write the caracters -**+OSY**+- on a small piece of sheepskin parchment. Sprinkle some Van Van oil on the parchment and then dust on Uncrossing powder. Put a small quantity of the powder in the palm of your hand and blow it to the East, West, North, and South. Put some myrtle leaves on the parchment and wrap it all in white new cloth. Use red thread to sew the parcel shut and place it in a small red flannel bag. Put the flannel bag in a leather charm bag. Keep in a safe place or carry it with you.

A charm bag can hold anything its owner feels will be of help in the affairs of life. Roots, stones, talismans, herbs, seals are among the treasured contents. Some feel that a charm bag should be ‘fed’ from time to time. This means that it is anointed with an oil that is symbolic of its purpose and fumigated (passed through) with the smoke of incense. For instance, a charm bag symbolic of financial gain would have Money Drawing oil sprinkled in it, and it would be passed through the smoke of Prosperity incense. A charm bag of protective power would use Fiery Command oil and Uncrossing incense. Such oils and incenses are chosen as a matter of individual judgment as charm bags are personal choice as to contents. Choose what seems most appropriate and most symbolic of the intent.

Personal Pot-De-Tete

voodoo houngan

In Haitian Voodoo, an initiate’s gros-bon-ange (soul) is put in a red earthen vase-like container called a govi. The govi is wrapped in white cloth and becomes a pot-de-tete, a consecrated protective countainer of great significance. Various involved rituals such as the canzo, chirer Ayizan, bruler-zin, retirer d’en bas de l’eau can be required depending on circumstances. Such ceremonies are an integral part of the metaphysical side of basic Voodoo. However, American Voodoo uses a greatly simplified ceremony whose main purpose is for protection and is not concerned with Mysteres, death and descendants.

The gros-bon-ange is not the soul as Western civilization understand it. In Voodoo context it is the shadow twin of man, and it can be attacked by evil forces. The canzo ceremony separates the gros-bon-ange from the body and the Americanized version follows:

Bathe every noon for three days in a row. On the fourth day bathe and anoint hands and forehead with American Voodo oil. Wave a palm leaf, which has been split into many strands, to the four points of the compass. Place grains of corn, some strands of hair, nail cuttings, and chicken feathers into a red earthenware pot. Around these arrange a beaded necklace. This necklace is made of white and black beads on a red thread or cord and must have been strung by the Voodooist. 

On a piece of animal parchment write your secret Voodoo name and place the parchment in the pot. This name is chosen by yourself or with the aid of a Voodoo priest or priestess (houngan or mambo). Rum is poured into a bowl or on the ground and lit. When the rum burns out, the candle is snuffed out. The por-de-tete is now hidden in a safe place and no one is allowed to touch it. The gros-bon-ange is now safe from evil attacks.

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