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"It may seem that black magic (spells that summon dark forces to achieve extraordinary powers) is from another era. 

But this is still practiced in various settings, both to twist the fate of people or events or to protect against negative energies. And, apparently, heads of state have trusted her to achieve goals."

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Most of us who are a regular reader of articles and columns or books on witchcraft generally like to become a witch, yes we would love to practice magic and become a spell caster, so today let us understand few ways and the first steps to become a white magic practitioner. In the endeavour of becoming a white magic practitioner, you will find many books on how to become and similar articles, but today I would like to share a little basic information that you should know and must follow which would help you take the first steps to become a white magic practitioner.

First always remember, the more you practice, the more you learn, hence practicing witchcraft is all the way a learning process as well, each day as a witch will teach you new lessons and spells. When practicing white magic, remember that you follow the Wiccan religion; you practice to provide good and positive energy for people around you. Believe in the threefold return which means for any deed or action you perform either good or bad, would be returned to you three times than what you created. Learn to enchant prayers when casting a spell and use talisman and crystals as it would help you a lot in practicing white magic.

Your first step to become a white magic practitioner is to adopt Wicca as your religion, since Wicca is the most modern form of magic dealing with white magic. You would however like to join the Wiccan community and a school to learn more about Wiccan culture, you should also learn about the plant, soil and earth magic, which will not only teach you to make poisons and healing syrups but would also teach you the cycle of life.

You should also learn a little of shamanic magic, which will make you understand that all natural things present in this world have their own spirit, it will also teach you on how to enter the astral plane and communicate with spirits. Learn to be ethical, do not use wrong means and harm people with the power of magic, since you would also know the threefold effect, hence you would not but at times with great powers comes in greed, keep a control on all those and remember that with great power comes great responsibilities, put aside your ego and greed, be just to all who approach you, be reasonable and ethical.

Next is you should know your tools and keep them with you, like the athame, chalice, wand, censer, bell, cauldron and the besom, however few more tools like the robe, candles are also required at times. Make sure to keep your book of shadows and grimoire updated. Cast your first few spells for your own healing and the healing of your spirit, in all this way you will take your first steps to become a white magic practitioner.

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