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"Called black magic to science applied to evil, for this purpose means not yet covered by traditional Western science are used. 

The purpose of black magic is that a change according to the will of the performer occurs to produce physical or non-physical damage to others. "

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Definition and approach to black magic. 

Too often, we tend to think of black magic as a whole and to have only a partial view of its use in the Way of the Left Hand. We read often that Black Magic is the invocation of the infernal or elementary entities exhausser will mage. This vision of the use of black magic is very simplistic. There is not one but several forms of black magic.

-Black Magic minor.
-Black Magic surgery.
-Black Magic Ritual or major.
-Black Magic minor.

This is certainly the least black magic described in the esoteric field, but the most used, since each of you has at least once in his life practiced without even knowing it. Indeed, it does not appeal to the occult, but mental manipulation. It includes all the psychological techniques to a follower of the left hand to get to know better realized. It also helps to improve his mastery of the art of persuasion. 

The use of psychological and rhetorical techniques known to the initiated, not the speaker, allow him to put forward, to draw the attention of his victim to the point he wants to value based his will. 

Operative Black Magick

Black Magic operation is certainly the best known form of Black Magic. It brings together all the techniques used by the mage (ritual invocation) to change the reality according to his will. It is a magic using the energy of the magician or those of astral entities which he seeks help to change the causal reality and achieve his goal. It requires the existence of a magical link to modify the probability of an event based on the needs of the mage.

Black Magic ritual.

Black Magic Ritual (as defined group rituals that do not necessarily have evocative intention) is the most complete and most noble form of black magic. It uses symbolism and staging for the group or mage to achieve necessary to achieve the desired act intensity occult. 

Black Magic Ritual is not necessarily invocation and may just be ceremonial or initiation. 

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