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"In the central point of voodoo is the belief in the spirit Iwa, which helps contact with God. 

Also, a look at one of the existing secret societies in Haiti, "Bizango" which, based on a military structure and gadgets terrifying appearance, preserves the memory of slaves and "punish only the guilty people" ."

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Voodoo spells can make someone love you

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Voodoo, a term, a religion or a ritual, whatever it might be, but what we know is that when nothing works out and helps us achieve our desired results then what comes in handy is voodoo spells. When we talk about voodoo, when we talk about voodoo one sure thing that comes in our mind is what form of magic does voodoo spells have are they black magic or white magic. Since most of us know that voodoo magic is very strong and gives quick and fast results, thus we undoubtedly take it for granted that voodoo uses black magic techniques.

Today we will learn a way or rather I should put it like today we will learn about a magic of how voodoo spells can make someone love you. Below you will find the complete procedure on how to cast the spell and use voodoo spells to make someone love you. The complete procedure will contain the steps, ingredients and the spell; hence make sure to follow each line verbatim.

Though this spell will help you to get someone who will love you, but it is highly recommended that you should approach a good and learned houngan when it comes to casting of voodoo spells, as they are the right person who will listen to your problem and then design the voodoo spell and cast it specific to your requirement. Make sure when narrating your love related issue you are clear with your intentions and want your specific opposite sex to be in your life, because if your intentions are not clear and you are not willfully willing to be with the opposite sex on whom you want to cast the spell then later you would be the person who would regret on why you took help of voodoo spells.

You would need a red color candle and some red rose petals, make sure you cast it on a full moon night, light up the candle and stare at the flame, stare and build and image of your person whom you want to love you, then quickly without seeing any other thing move your eyes from the flame of the candle towards the moon and try to get the image of the person, or facial image of the person by looking at the moon, as soon as you see the image of your desired person created, chant the below spell five times, do this whole procedure for twelve consecutive times and go to sleep, next morning when you get up take the solidified wax dip it in your bath tub and take bath in warm water irrespective of the weather conditions, you will hear from the person that very day and if it is not that day then in three days’ time he would propose you or say I LOVE YOU.

“luvumtumintum mrukulutus blaffe blaffe
Wenda aarave vullustisum luvustuttitum
Yalla yalla blaffe blaffe luvumtumintum
Izat izzajat luvus luvum
Yalla yalla blaffe blaffe luvumtumintum”

This is just one of the many spells that can be cast using voodoo to make someone love you, but as stated we should also be careful with the aspects mention as voodoo spells bonds the souls of not only the person on whom the spell is cast but also the soul of the person who has ordered the spell to be cast. Thus by casting the above spell or by seeking help of a learned houngan to cast any voodoo love spell, you would be bound to bind your and the other person’s soul together, this bindings are generally permanent, that is why it is again advised that you should have your intentions clear before you cast the spell or order a voodoo love spells. Since most of the spell would be performed by a houngan after offering items to the specific LWA or LOA and the LOA is summoned, then requested to help with the results of the spell, thus a LOA would be also keen to know the intentions of the person who is asking for a wish to be granted, if the intentions are not clear then the LOA can become angry and might turn things bizarre for you.

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