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"Belief in zombies had many followers in 1918, during the great labor crisis of the sugar plantations. It was said that witches exhumed corpses, the coming to life and sold as slaves."

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Is Voodoo Just a Superstition?

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Not all believes that voodoo is only superstition. Film director Jorge Roos was convinced that he in 1964 was subjected to voodoo: 

In 1964, Jorge Roos travel to Cuba to teach in Havana's film school . Roos knew there was voodoo on the island and would like to meet a houngan (a male priest). However, it was not easy for him to find a houngan. He asked the people in the city, but they just shook his head and said they knew nothing about voodoo, which had been banned in Cuba when the communist revolution came. 

One day, Roos was talking in a restaurant with two guys. He asked them if they knew anything about voodoo. One replied that there was a girl at the film school, Rosita, who might be able to help him. 

Roos contacted Rosita and managed to make a deal so he could meet a houngan. Rosita brought Roos and took him to a temple. Inside the temple smelled awful, and when he faced the houngan, he got a nasty feeling that the evil was present.  The houngan had very creepy eyes and was very unpleasant to be with. 

Roos spoke a while with the houngan and a few minutes later, he return with Rosita. But in the car, something weird happened. Suddenly Roos feel a violent attack of stiff neck, which felt like a cramp. At the same time, he could smell the same smell as the temple, and he discovered that the smell came from him. 

After a few minutes the cramp disappeared and the smell again, but Roos got these attacks several times in both Cuba and Denmark. Luckily, it disappeared completely, however after a few months Roos was convinced that houngan made some curse on him, but he did not know why.

Voodoo Today

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Today, voodoo is considered a religion, and there is not quite the same thing as before. But voodoo still keep faith in zombies and black magic. 

Today voodoo has also become a tourist attraction. Voodoo has over the years spread to many countries, including Brazil and the southern United States. The "voodoo's capital' is Port-au-Prince in Haiti (about 1,699,000 inhabitants). 61 million people around the world believe in voodoo.  

The number is increasing.

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