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"With the birth of religions and commitment of male practitioner thereof to introduce religious hegemony began to divide magic and religion, by crossing the magic as negative even to be worthy of pursuit, especially in the Middle Ages, where the Inquisition speaks first black magic practiced by followers of the devil as an antithesis to the God of Christianity. "

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How To Know That We Are Victims of Black Magics

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First of all explain what is black magic: 

Black magic is the science applied to evil, to make a change in accordance with will occur, using means not currently understood by traditional western science, in order to cause physical or bodily harm to others, being able to make consciously or unconsciously. 

We intend to show what they can expect if they try to practice, just as there is a law of gravity, there is a law which in the East is called KARMA, and the Kabbalists called TIKUM, do good and receive good; do evil even unintentionally, will be what you get wrong, this is the law, so, HOW CAN YOU AVOID FALLING INTO THE ABYSS OF PRACTICING BLACK MAGIC ?.

If you have caused any damage, or been the cause of spiritual darkness, all will turn against you multiplied.In many religions, it is believed that everything we do comes back to us and that makes triplicate, those who practice black magic have to pay a high price for it.

How To Know If You Have A Black Magick Hex

Early symptoms include:

   * Loss of jobs without knowing why.
   * Also lose money.
   * Problems at home for no apparent reason
   * Instability in relationships
   * Health problems without cause
   * Removal from the family environment
   * Lumbar Pain
   * Nightmares or bad dreams
   * Tingling in the hands and legs.
   * Cervical pain
   * Distrust worldwide
   * Loss of appetite and consequently weight
   * Lost Memory 
   * Etc.

How To Recognize A Person That Is Being Affected By A Spell ??

There are typical problems when a person is a victim of witchcraft, here we see some of the symptoms that may indicate that "someone" did witchcraft ...

The skin color of the person is one of the most typical features although it is sometimes very difficult to realize that. But if you notice a grayish color to the skin primarily on the face, that's an important sign that "something" you are doing.

Thousands of problems. When everything seems to go backwards instead of going forward and advance. When it rains daily problems, and nothing seems to have a solution. When we can no more. Much physical and mental fatigue. Most importantly, mental fatigue, as when one is the victim of witchcraft to harm us, our mind runs faster than our body, energies in fighting that occur in our body to fight against the intruder unconscious Tremor. While this occurs only in some cases, is one of the symptoms that let you know that something is happening.

Forgetting things. When witchcraft is hurting us, it is very normal that we forget the simple things, like where certain object is left or what we had to do the next day.

What household things are constantly breaking and meaningless. This is something that happens often, and it's witchcraft in these cases means there is a dark (evil spirit) in the house. When no twinkle in his eye. The dullness in his eyes, more grayish skin and sometimes trembling hands are clear signs of being possessed by an evil spirit or obscured. In these cases, urgent action!

Everything collapses. If you notice that everything collapses quickly and can not find a solution to something that looked simple, is that you are a victim of witchcraft.

There are many other signs that can give us the question of whether a person is a victim of witchcraft, but it is not good suggestible. In either of the above cases, you must first check to see if it is indeed the victim of a witch or not.

However one should note that not all symptoms are caused by that, we must see a doctor..

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