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"It may seem that black magic (spells that summon dark forces to achieve extraordinary powers) is from another era. 

But this is still practiced in various settings, both to twist the fate of people or events or to protect against negative energies. And, apparently, heads of state have trusted her to achieve goals."

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Dictionary of candles used in voodoo rituals.

ALTAR Candle: An important offertory candle used with any ritual. Use Altar or Hi-Altar oil.
ALL SPICE Candle: Burn to increase will power. Use Crucible Of Courage oil.
ALL PURPOSE Candle: For gaining help of beneficial forces and spirits. Burn at any ritual or alone. Use Spirit oil.

BAPHOMET or SATAN’S RAM Candle: Seldom burned. It is important to High Priest and High Priestess as a symbol of their power and position. Kept in prominent place during rituals. Burned only when extreme conditions require all possible power for success of ritual.
BENEFICIAL DREAM Candle: For fortunate prophetic dreams. Use Beneficial Dream oil, Succes oil.
BLACK ART Candle: For Black Magic, hexing, crossing, witchcraft. Use Black Art oil, Inflammatory Confusion oil, Jinx oil.

BLACK CAT Candle: For gaining good luck. Use Succes oil.

BLACK CAT on SKULL Candle: Very powerful for breaking curses, hexes, defeating bad luck. Use Un-crossing oil, Commanding oil.
BLACK HEXING Candle: For Placing a powerful hex on someone. Use Hell’s Devil oil.
BLACK WAX Candle: Use in any hexing ritual. Use Jinx oil, Crossing oil, Hell’s Devil oil.

BLESSING Candle: To bring spirits help and success, Use Spirits Guide oil.

COILED SNAKE Candle: For powerful protection from all evil. Use Controlling oil, Conquering Glory oil.
COMMANDING Candle: Forces others to your will. Use Commanding oil.

COMPELLING Candle: Similar to  Commanding Candle, except used with Compelling oil.

Burn Before Start of other rituals to improve concentration on intent. Use Acacia oil.

CONQUERING Candle:  Similar to Commanding Candle but Used with Conquering oil for stronger vibrations.

CONQUERING GLORY Candle: To gain power over anyone. Use Conquering Glory oil.

CRESCENT Candle: Very powerful for attracting good fortune and help. Use Holy oil, High John Conqueror oil.

CROSS with SNAKE Candle: One of very strongest candles used to send a hex or curse back to enemy who is cause of it. Use XX Doublecross oil.

CROSSING Candle: To cross or hex someone. Use Jinx oil, Crossing oil, Confusion oil.
CROWN of SUCCESS Candle: For gaining success for any purpose. Use Crown of Succes oil.
CRUCIBLE of COURAGE Candle: Overcoming fears, gain courage and prosperity. Use Crucible Of Courage oil.

DEVIL’S Candle: Use like Devil’s candle, but said to be far more effective. Also used to attract help of Satan, the master Voodoo conjurer. Use Essence of Bend Over oil, Flaming Power oil, Power oil.
DEVOTIONAL Candle: An offering for spiritual help. Us St. Michael oil, Angel oil, Altar oil.
DOMINATION Candle: For bending others to your will. Use Domination oil, Master oil.
DOUBLE CROSS Candle: Defeats curses, hexes, crossed conditions. Burn at midnight using Dragon Blood oil.
DRIVE AWAY Candle: To be rid of bad luck quickly. Use Luck oil, Wealthy Way oil, Money oil.

FIERY WALL of PROTECTION Candle: For stopping hexes, crossed conditions, bad vibrations, slander and gossip. Use Fiery Wall of Protection oil.
FIRE OF LOVE Candle: To win love, increase desire. Use Fire of Love oil, Caliphs Beloved oil.
FLAMING POWER Candle: For success in any endeavor and gain fearless confidence. Use Flaming Power oil.
FOUR LEAF CLOVER Candle: Extremely powerful in getting good luck. Burn an hour a day for seven days.  Use special Favor oil, Magnet oil.

GLOW of ATTRACTION Candle: To attract money, good fortune, love, success. Use Glow of Attraction oil.
GOAT Candle: For success in hexing and invoking the help of the Master Voodoo Conjurer. Use Black Art oil. This candle can be used at sixteen rituals before discarded. It is said to have no power thereafter.

HI-ALTAR Candle: Used only with other candles to bring success to any ritual. It is very important offertory candle seeking aid of Voodoo gods. Use Hi-Altar oil.
HIGH CONQUERING Candle: For success of any type. Use Hi-Conquering oil, Success oil, High John Conqueror oil.
HORSESHOE Candle: Said to be one of the most powerful candles for gaining money and good luck. Burned thirty minutes each day until consumed. Use Easy Life oil.
HUMAN SKELETON Candle: For curing illnesses. Use Radiant Health oil. Burned an hour per day during daylight only, once a week for seven weeks.
HUMAN SKULL Candle: For revenge and redressing a wrong. Also used to send back an evil spell. Refer to Skull Candle, Hex Spell, and Reverse Hex Skull Candle Spell.

INFLAMMATORY CONFUSION Candle: To break hexes, send back hexes, confuse enemies. Use Inflammatory Confusion oil, Crossing oil, Jinx oil.

LADY LUCK Candle: For luck in gambling. Use Lady Luck oil, Gamblers oil.
LOVE Candle: For gaining and keeping love. Use Love Me oil, Luv Luv Luv oil, Musk oil.
LUCK HAND Candle: Most powerful of all luck-bringing candles. Burned half an hour before and after sunset at least twice a week. Use Lucky Planet oil, Fast Luck oil.
LUCKY JOHN The CONQUEROR Candle: One of the Voodoo’s most popular candles burned for good fortune in love, gambling, money affairs. Use High John Conqueror oil.

MAGNET Candle: For drawing good fortune. Use Magnet oil mixed with ‘Magnetic Sand’ or ladestone dust.
MONEY Candle: To obtain more money. Use Money Drawing oil, Fast luck oil.
MUMMY Candle: For strong powers and success.
MUSK Candle: Said to be very effective in gaining love, use Musk oil, Civil oil, Ambergris oil.

NINE DAYS Candle:  An offering to Voodoo gods for their help. Burn with any ritual an hour each time. Throw away after nine days. Use Blessing oil, Spirits oil.

OWL Candle: Believed to be one of most powerful Voodoo aids for obtaining power over others. Burned only at night. Used for seven nights in a row. Use Power oil, Voodoo oil.

PEACE Candle: For a peaceful life. Use Number 20 oil, Guinea P oil.
PEACEFUL HOME Candle: To save marriages, bring tranquility to home, use Notre Dame oil.
PINE WAX Candle: To gain good luck and affection. Use Fast Luck oil. Lovers oil.
POWER Candle: For obtaining command over others. Use Power oil, Commanding oil, Compelling oil.
PROSPERITY Candle: To obtain much good fortune. Use Crown Of Success oil, Money Drawing oil.

RADIANT HEALTH Candle: For curing illness, gaining good health. Use Healing oil.
RED ROSE Candle: For gaining love. Use Lovers oil, Fire of Love oil.
REVELATION Candle: To gain spiritualistic and prophetic powers . Use Spirits Guide oil, Magnet oil.
REVERSIBLE BLACK Candle, also known as DOUBLE ACTION REVERSIBLE BLACK Candle: Sends back hexes and crossed conditions onto the enemy. Use Crossing oil, H&H oil.
RED WITCH Candle: To obtain love.
ROSEMARY Candle: For friendship and stopping bad feelings. Use Rosemary oil, Peace oil.

SACRED NOVENA Candle: Use like Nine Day Candle.
SATAN BE GONE Candle: For breaking and defeating hexes, curses, crossings. Use Uncrossing oil and burn Jinx Removing incense.
SEVEN HOLY SPIRIT Candle: To gain spirits and Voodoo gods help. Use Spirit oil and burn while taking a bath with Seven Holy Spirits Bath oil added to bath water.
SPARK OF SUSPICION Candle: To arouse envy, jealousy, cause discord. Use Confusion oil, Jinx oil.
SEVEN KNOB Candle: To make wishes come true. Use King Solomon oil or Success oil. Make a wish and burn one knob only. This should be repeated until all knobs are gone.
SATAN Candle: Refer to Satan Candle Voodoo Rituals for full details.
SPIRITUALISTS Candle: To obtain great power for rituals.
STAR and CRESCENT Candle: Similar to Spiritualists Candle, but usually used only by Voodoo priest or priestess. It is used many times instead of burning all at one time. Snuff out at end of other ritual. Use Hindu Grass oil.
STAR Candle: Use like Star and Crescent Candle.
STAY HOME Candle: To keep mate or lover faithful. Use Zodiac oil, Crown of Success oil.

TRIPLE ACTION Candle: For defeating hexes, crossings, witchcraft. Use Uncrossing oil, Voodoo Night oil.

UNCROSSING Candle: To end crossings, hexing. Use Uncrossing oil.

VAN VAN Candle: For luck and power of all kinds. Use Van Van oils.
VENUS Candle: To arouse love and desire. Use Venus oil, Lovers oil.
VOODOO NIGHT Candle: For Voodoo Success. Burn at any Voodoo ritual. Use voodoo night oil.
VOODOO Candle: Similar to Voodoo Night Candle. Use American Voodoo oil.

WEALTHY WAY Candle: To attract large amounts of money. Use Wealthy Way oil.
WEED OF MISFORTUNE Candle: To overcome enemies, change luck, cause trouble and confusion. Use Confusion oil, Domination oil.
WHITE HEX BREAKER Candle: For breaking hexes. Use Fiery Wall of Protection oil.
WHITE ROSE Candle: To have peace of mind, eliminate troubles. Use White Rose oil.
WORLD’S WONDER Candle: For obtaining money, luck, treasure. Use Voodoo oil.
WORMWOOD Candle: To gain help of spirits of the dead. Use Spirits Guide oil.

XX DOUBLE CROSS Candle: For very strong hexing or crossing write enemy’s name on candle with sharp point. Use XX Doublecross oil, Flaming Power oil.

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