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"White magic goes against black magic and fight the evil spells, white magic as seek prosperity, integrity, physical and mental development in connection with spirit."

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Color and elements on White Magic

Most world cultures recognized the elements of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water, and used their colors and powers in magical and spiritual practices. These elements were usually connected with the cardinals directions  –north, east, south, and west. The elements, are forces and energies that make up the universe and everything in it. They also influence human personalities and are employed in the practice of magic. When used singularly, the proper elemental color is placed in the appropriate direction. When used all together, the elemental colors are arranged in the appropriate directions at the edge of a sacred circle.

The Celts, particularly those in Scotland, used red in the east for the rising sun white in the south for noon, gray in the west for twilight, and black in the north for midnight. In Scotland, they were called the Four Airts or Airs and were based on the prevailing winds in Britain. The Scottish Gaelic words for the cardinal directions were aiet, east; deas, south; iair, west; and tuath, north. The Druids said that the center was ruled by nyu, or spirit. In later Western cultures the correspondences became Air, yellow, east; Fire, red, south; Water, blue, west; Earth, dark green or black, north; and Spirit, white, center.

In this tradition, the east represents knowledge, harmony, the intellect and ideas, freedom, revealing the truth, finding lost things, travel, and psychic abilities. The south signifies change, perception, spiritual illumination, cleansing, sexuality, energy, authority, healing, and purification. The west is associated with the emotions, healing, plants, communion with the spiritual realm, purification, the subsconscious mind, love, friendships, marriage, fertility, happiness, dreams, and the psychic on an emotional level. The north represents endurance, responsibility, stability, thoroughness, and purpose in life. The center represents enlightenment, finding your life path, spiritual knowledge, and seeing and understanding karmic paths in life.

In other cultures, both placement and choice of color differed. The Hindus used what are called tattwas symbols to represent the elements. A yellow squeare represented north and Earth; a silver crescent, west and Water; a blue circle, east and Air; a red triangle, south and Fire; and a black or indigo ovoid, the center and Spirit.

In the Western Hemisphere, the native peoples had many differing traditions about colors. The ancient Mayas, for example, used red in the east, yellow in the south, black in the west, and white in the north. Other ancient Mexican cultures had a different classification –green and Water in the east, blue and Air in the south, yellow and Earth in the west, red and Fire in the north, and many colors together in the center.

Colors, separate from the elements, have also played an important part in the religion and magic of many cultures. Today, color is primarily used in candle burning and for the cloth that is sometimes spread over the altar or shelf.

Traditional colors

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Black- This color absorbs and removes anything negative. It is used for reversing or binding negative forces; releasing, breaking up blockages, and unsticking stagnant situations. One of the most powerful colors available, black represents protection, mystery, and the ability to become “invisible.”  According to Marija Gimbutas, Neolithic cultures thought black to be the color of fertility; the deep, damp, nurturing earth; the hidden cauldron of primordial matter.

Blue- To the Navajo, blue is the fertile, nurturing power of the earth, while in Tibetan Buddhism, it represents both emptiness and potential. The hue of this color plays an important part in its use. Ligh blue- truth, inspiration, wisdom, healing, understanding, good health, inner peace, patience, and harmony. Royal blue- loyalty, group success, occult knowledge, and expansion.

Brown- this color can be used to attract money and establish financial success. It is also used for balance, concentration, basic material needs, grounding, and communication with nature spirits. To some cultures, brown represents the cycle of life, running from the brown earth in the spring to the withered vegetation in the autumn. To the ancient Romans, this color symbolized humility.

Gold or clear light yellow- Great good fortune, intuition, understanding, fast luck if circumstances are out of your control, and contacting higher influences. It is also useful for happiness, money, and gaining knowledge.

Gray- A neutral color, it symbolizes the art of meditation and the state of existence just before rebirth.

Green- This color can bring a fresh outlook on life or can balance an unstable situation. It also aids with abundance, fertility, good fortune, generosity, success, renewal, marriage, balance, and healing. In ancient Egypt, this color represented bothe life and death, and was associated with the god Osiris. To the Romans, green belonged to the goddess Venus and love; for many centuries, brides wore green.

Indigo- This shade is a purplish blue that is almost black. Use it for meditation, balancing out karma, and neutralizing another’s magic. It also is useful to stop gossip, lies, and undesirable competition.

Magenta- This is a very dark but clear red with a deep purple tinth. This color has a very high vibrational frequency that makes things happen fast. It is best to burn a magenta candle together with others colors. Use it for quick changes, spiritual healing, and exorcism.

Orange- A powerful color, use orange only if you are prepared to face major changes. It is good for encouragement, stimulation, sudden changes, prosperity, creativity, success, energy, and mental agility.

Pink- This color represents the purest form of true love and friendship. It is helpful with romance, spiritual awakening, healing, and family love. It helps to banish hatred, depression, and negativity.

Purple or violet- Since purple is such a powerful hue, use it with caution. It aids with success, higher psychic ability, wisdom, progress, deliberate action, protection, spirit contact, breaking bad luck, driving away evil, divination, success in court cases, business success, and influencing people who have power over you. This color was long associated with priests and priestesses.

Red- Use red for energy, strength, sexual potency, courage, willpower, good health, and to protect against psychic attack. Considered to be a sacred color all over the world, for millennia, red was associated with life, the womb, birth, and blood. Only with the rise of patriarchal cultures did red become a symbol of combat and the gods of war. To the Hindus, red belongs to the goddess Lakshmi, deity of good luck and prosperity.

Silver or clear light gray- Victory, stability, help with meditation, developing psychic abilities, neutralizing any situation, and repelling destructive forces.

White- A highly balanced spiritual color, white helps with spirituality, truth, wholeness, balancing the aura, pregnancy and birth, raising the vibrations, and destroying negative energies. Through the Neolithic period, white was considered the color of death and clean-picked bones. In Asia, white is still the color of mourning. However, in the West, by the time of the Greek states, white had become associated with purity and innocence. In ancient Egypt, white was one of the colors of the cycle of life, along with black, red, and green. The Druids wore white robes, representing their spiritual connection with the Otherworld. Thus, this color also symbolizes initiation, spiritual light, and mystical knowledge.

Yellow- The intellect, imagination, creativity, confidence, attraction, concentration, inspiration, mental clarity, knowledge, commerce, medicine, and healing. To several Native American tribes, yellow represents reproduction and growth. However, Buddhism uses this color for robes to symbolize renunciation of worldly matters.

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