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"It may seem that black magic (spells that summon dark forces to achieve extraordinary powers) is from another era. 

But this is still practiced in various settings, both to twist the fate of people or events or to protect against negative energies. And, apparently, heads of state have trusted her to achieve goals."

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Black magic, like you all know about it or must have heard about it, black magic is very powerful, black magic is harmful, black magic is all about invoking spirits or souls who linger around since they have some or the other wish left unattended and fulfilled. The black eye, the curse and so many other things about black magic, this is all that we have heard, but today I am going to talk about what is black magic and where it began, since this is one thing that we all should know, we all should know the roots from where this black magic came in and why, how it got started being practiced and where is it practiced now.

In my research I found that even the holy Quran speaks about black magic, in two suras of Quran, it is such mentioned that two befallen angels by the name of Herat and Murat came down to earth and reached the city of Babylon and this is these angels who preached the man kind about black magic, it is even stated in the Quran that prophet Suleiman was found by the Jews to be a sorcerer and not a prophet and that his teachings inscribed in a book led man kind to learn black magic, from where they learn how to separate man with his wife, make father and son or brother and brother fight with each other and make curses, but in a later verse of Quran it is also stated that God (Allah) made it very clear to prophet Mohammed that neither the two angels nor prophet Suleiman preached or teaches anyone about black magic, but it was the Devil (Satan) himself who did all this blunder and thus the existence of black magic came in place.

If we look down carefully and minutely then we will see that black magic roots back from the ancient Egypt times and from those pre-historic times from when white magic roots back to. From that time onwards black magic was termed as the left hand magic of the good right hand white magic and was known as black magic since the use of the same was done for hurting someone and for evil and selfish reasons and purpose.

During the renaissance and inquisition period when white magic became wider spread, and black magic was looked down upon, still many great practitioners practiced black magic. People used to practice rituals and invoke spirits and then ask those spirits to help them achieve a task. At this point of time all kind of witches found where sentenced to death. It was such believed that this spirits who were invoked using black magic where basically demons and hence people who practiced black magic where sentenced to death. It was such believed that those who used to practice black magic and performed rituals to invoke the evil spirits and demons where those who used to hurt their neighbours or ruin the crops. During the 1200 to 1500 era practitioners of black magi were termed as nigromancer meaning someone skilled in black arts.

In the recent world under a broader of black magic new religions have cropped up, the worship of Satan is now benevolent and the religion is known as Satanism. Satanism is considered as a religion of the flesh, the mundane, the carnal who are all ruled by Satan himself, however Satanism does not differentiate white magic and black magic rather believes that magic is magic, whether used for good or bad and it is the magician who is the key person to judge and decide on what is just and what is right, thus the practitioner of black magic would listen to the problems and then decide what is right, once decided the magician will cast the spells accordingly to attain his task and finish his goals. Satanism also states that its believers follow the left hand path rule, this means using of sex magic and sexuality in creating magic is used and other methods which might be considered a taboo are used while creating magic.

In the more modern era, more and more rituals, religions where clubbed up to be black magic religions, especially like the religion voodoo was closely seen as a growing black magic religion wherein voodoo in itself differs from black magic. (We will talk about in detail on what is voodoo and where it came from and the other aspects of voodoo in my other article). Hope this will give you a much good idea about what is black magic and where it began.

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