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"A cemetery sharp fangs. Prague is a very touristy town, but not the only interesting site of the Czech Republic. 

In the downtown area has place a beautiful city called Celákovice, which has the honor of hosting, as some archaeologists thinks, a cemetery of vampires."

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Black Magick Effects

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What is magic and how it works, you can read here, here it goes to the black magic spell. 

Black magic is used by the wizard - the person who runs the Magic - to gain an advantage. Bombardier. In some old, long outdated books on black magic, the desired effect is for the magician with the death of the sacrificial animals requested. 

A warning first: The spells - also in black magic - may no living beings come to harm, because the old custom of the Bible: An eye for an eye - a tooth for a tooth - that also applies here. So please, no matter what stands in the various grimoires of black magic, these practices are long outdated !!! The suffering of the animal would be manifested in your suffering.

What Is The Effect?:

This is a question that cannot be answered unequivocally. One thing is certain, magic works, that is undisputed. Is it the concentration or thought transference, which causes that affects a spell? 

One thing is certain: magic and sorcery can be operated only if you look very much focused on his goal. You go into trance-like state. For health conscious consumers - one tries, as in autogenic training to hypnotize yourself. The preparation for a ritual demands full concentration, the nature of the ritual can be different. Everything is permitted - For example, a chaos magician, a ritual under the motto runs. This type of ritual is in my opinion the most effective, because requires creativity and you deal a lot more with the intended target. 

Det Morson, describes the black magic so: The rationale for the actuation black magic practices are the aspirations of the people for wealth, power and prestige, and is the ultimate goal of a black magician to extend his power over the whole universe and penetrate into the deepest mysteries of the cosmos. To know this desire for the expansion of one's own sphere of influence and the need much more - was the birth of ancient magical spells practices. 

This raises a question. Must it be black magic, with which I try to conjure up the desired result? Or do I formulate my wishes otherwise, so that a white magic spell will be out of the cast, causes another way the same and their own karma not charged .. eg If I would not like to see my neighbor with whom I live in constant strife, the leg breaks, but I use the white magic that causes a friendship is formed. 

Or a spell that causes - that I am no longer bothered the neighbors and leave me in peace. Many good introductions to the white magic spells can be found in the book White Magic by Matthias Mala - White Magic. The unmistakable sign of black magic is the inverse pentagram. 

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