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Black Magick Dangers

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We have spoken a lot about black magic, how powerful it is and how it can help us achieve the impossible task and give us solutions to most of our problems, but everything comes in with good and bad part, so today we will talk about the dangers of black magic or let me put it this way, today we will talk about black magic’s dangers. In one word just to begin on what we would know more today, black magic is also known as hostile magic. 

Some of the black magic’s dangers include the direct harm danger, when you use black magic to harm someone by summoning evil forces and asking them to harm someone the forces act through you, they get into your body first to acquire the necessary powers and then they go on to harm the person, but doing this you are opening up yourself to get harm. Another black magic danger could be the release of violent abuse, yes when you are commanding evil forces to harm someone they perform their task but again you do not return them back to from where they came from hence they are left in this world, open and with the same goal of harming someone, since that was what was asked to be done by them. 

We can also classify black magic’s danger to be of another type which gives out a long time effect.

Black magic’s danger is always at ease when you perform black magic to harm someone, because all such black magic are thrown back, that is they start from you and end it in you, hence you get the harm when they start and when they return back, it is you who is hurt even more than the person on whom you cast the harmful black magic spell. It is such believed that wrong use or abuse or negative use of powers would always drain your powers away from you, hence though you are not aware of the fact but performing black magic to harm someone gets you in the danger of losing your powers. 

In addition to this let me also clear out that the acts of harming someone using black magic is mostly made by communicating with sinful souls who are waiting in the lowest astral plane near the bloody river to cross it, but since they are full of vengeance and hate hence they are not able to and thus they wait to get a way to cross the river, black magic communicates with these souls and gives them the cause to cross the river, but when the same is not fulfilled even after they fulfil the task given to them, then they start harming the person who communicated with them.

Even in modern witchcraft practice you will see that the learned people have quoted that the black magic’s danger is found in terms of it recoiling, that is once the spell is casted it comes back to the person who casts the spell. 

According to Hindu and Christian beliefs they have few laws the main being the karmic law and the rest being the return law and the three fold effect law, which clearly informs us that if you do harm using means which are not natural or using means which are forced, then the same harm would return to you, since you let out violence, hatred, vengeance into the world along with negative vibrations and energies, which will just grow more and more and then return back to you, since it was generated from you so it will finish with you, harming you to the extent.

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